Real.Not Real. by (it’s no) drama

I am thrilled to be collaborating with the (it’s no) drama inclusive theatre group, based in South Gippsland, on their next project: Real. Not Real.

« A glimpse into the true and make-believe experiences that shape our thoughts, dreams and imagination. Featuring puppetry, film and live performance. »

Mesley Hall, Leongatha, On Friday 29 March 2019

Project Founders: Emily Ardley and Alisha Gilliland
Artistic Director: Samara Cunnigham
Arts Workers: Jenneke Kijlstra-Shone, Sharon Scott
Video Artist: Mick Green, Drift Media
Outside Eye: Iris Gaillard

Ensemble Cast: Emily Ardley, Steve Canning, Russell Parke, Nathan Gaston, Paige Ross, Paul Von Dord, Murray Lyster, Maddie Thompson, Amber Betts, Jessica Hill, Matthew Cameron, Will Smith, Mitchell Price, Taylor Johnson, Sharon Scott, Debbie Wilson, David Baker, Ben Gleeson, Mattie Gibbons, Hayden Smith, Leonie, Yolanda Lawton & Maree Walker.

Lighting: Garry & Joanna Boast
Sound: Chris Dickens
Mentors: Nilgun Guven, Rachel Edwards, Hannah Bradsworth and Michael Buxton from Rawcus Theatre Company.

Enablers: Alisha Gilliland, Mary Sullivan, Ned Dennis and the Community Strengthening team at South Gippsland Shire Council


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