In the Dark

Part immersive storytelling, part obstacle course, In the Dark is a live game, in which audience members (or “players”) take hold of their own stories and question their own relationship to faith.


This participatory journey takes you through the world of the Fellowship of the Aquara, a self-help cult founded by the charismatic Poseidon Maleström BFA around values of inner strength, energy and expanded awareness inspired by an extraordinary marine creature: the Mantis Shrimp

12-17 May 2015 at the Brunswick Mechanics Institute as a part of their Live Works residency, Melbourne, Australia. More info:

Created and written by Georgia Symons
Directed by Iris Gaillard
Performed by Christian Taylor, Patrick Considine, Ruby Hughes, Sonja Bishopp and Timothy Phillips.
Set Design Ellie Kent
Sound Design Jess Keefe

This project has been supported by Creative Partnership Australia via the MATCH Funding program, and APHIDS.



 Development showing at the Brunswick Mechanics Institute in May 2015



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