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By (it’s no) drama, Leongatha VIC

Released on August 12 View here

Due to Covid-19, instead of producing a physical stage production in the first half of 2020, the creative team behind (it’s no) drama and ensemble members have produced a short film that presents narratives performed by nine performers. The resulting three minute film is engaging, at times humorous and reflective of this time.

The scenes were filmed entirely in isolation, directed by Samara Cunningham, edited by Luke McNee from Seagrass Films and with music composed by APRA award winner Andrew Murray. Each cast member has acted out a scene that allows the viewer an intimate snippet into the thoughts and actions of the (it’s no) drama ensemble.
(it’s no) drama is supported by Creative Victoria, South Gippsland Shire Council and mentored by Rawcus Theatre Group.

Directed by Samara Cunningham
Video Artist: Luke McNee
Composer: Andrew Murray
Costume Design: Myumi McPhee
Arts Worker: Iris Galliard
Guest Artist: Tara Silcock
Communications and Resources: Melanie Caple
Ensemble Members: Emily Ardley; Iris Galliard; Jess Murray; Josh Latham; Mitchell Price;
Steve Canning; Murray Lester; David Baker and Debbie Wilson.

« Secret of the Raft » – ReAction Theatre, Melbourne VIC

written and directed by Louise Howlett

‘Secret of the Raft’ is a bilingual French/English theatrical experience combining projection mapping, installation and live performance to explore a world where the mundane and phantasmic collide. It will challenge the audience’s perception of history while immersing them in 21st century creativity.  More info here

I am joining the team as an actor in the role of Amina for this Third Creative Development phase.

Script reading on Zoom September 30, 7.30pm

Video of the Tech Showing at RMIT here

SHE WRITES Residency at Theatre Works, Melbourne VIC

Development program for emerging writers.

Participants are offered peer support, dramaturgy, mentoring and masterclasses. Their works will receive programmed play readings and professional feedback throughout development. Theatre Works aims to realise the resulting performance works on stage in future Theatre Works Seasons. More info here

I am a dramaturge attached to the program working with Erin Pattinson on her script [Monopoly] working title.

Excerpt Script reading on Zoom Octobre 11 3.40pm


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