In the Dark

« Iris Gaillard confidently directs a complex orchestration that harnesses video works and audio theatre alongside responsive live performance. »

Rebecca Harkins-Cross, The Age & Sydney Morning Herald, May 15, 2015

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Banana Republic

« Now what did we think of this boisterous animated exaggerated sit-com recorded live on line with video  screen backdrop and added pre-recorded applause/laughter from the audience (we were forcibly voice taped pre-show)…it was great! […] Its very TV-ishness made us feel like we were watching an albeit tragedy live on TV at home. Fresh vibrant at times (deliberately) over-acted scenarios made for an interactive live performance almost in the safety of your own home. Outstanding performances […]. A hugely funny show and we were in the front row. »

The Opera boys, September 27, 2012.

Molière, double bill

« A recent arrival with an impressive resume making theatre in France, director Iris Gaillard has a real gift for comedy.  Her classical production, in whiteface and period costume, proceeds from a deep understanding of the French comic tradition, but feels utterly fresh. With swift pace, sharp wit and elastic, cartoonish absurdity, this is a wonderful introduction to one of the world’s great comic dramatists. »

Cameron Woodhead, The Age, May 6, 2011.

Anarchy in Bavaria

« Fassbinder [has been] brought back to life by this promising company. La Compagnie de l’Imminence offers us a fresh and flamboyant interpretation of [Anarchy in Bayern]. […] this beautiful moment of theatre invites you to exercise your freedom […] »

Olivier Pradel. Les Trois Coups, March 2008.


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