In development

THE ECHO OF OUR VOICE [working title]

The Echo of our Voice is a vocal and physical inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic.

We look to create a devised work that explores the realities of contemporary women who are vital, visible, and active; who seek an accurate reflection of themselves.

The work will be an intimate hybrid performance, using lights, audio-visual and sound, looking to push the boundaries of theatrical form.



  • Performers/devisers: Lara Kerestes & Iris Gaillard
  • Dramaturg/Outside Eye: Tanya Dickinson
  • Composer: Tom Hogan


MOO – [Reframing the complexity of the contemporary world as bounty]

  • A transformative experience to re-envisage the complexity of the contemporary world by reframing it as bounty,
  • Using two key values: Creativity and Community.
  • Presented as a ritualised participatory journey: part ritual, part immersive theatre, part game.
  • In development in 2015.

MOO – Participating Artists

Iris Gaillard                       – Director

Daniel Moulds                  – Designer Part I     – The MOOseum of Complexity

Eloise Kent                        – Designer Part II   – Game & Craft room(s)

Chantal Marks                  – Designer Part III – Encounter with MOO & Multicultural Barbecue

Robert Draffin                   – Mentor                  – Consultant in Ritualistic Performance

Journey Part I – The ‘MOOseum’ of Complexity

  • Give a context to the phenomenon
  • MOOseum space itself is an experience of Complexity (E.g. labyrinthine structure)
  • Display of art works showing artists’ experience on growing complexity. (Artists = applicant, key collaborators and/or guest artists to be recruited.)
  • A Guided Tour: ‘Guides’/Performers direct the audience through the aisles.

Designer: Daniel Moulds

Daniel’s Past Work 

  • Set & Costume design for The Prodigal Son directed by Iris Gaillard (VCA 2014). First collaboration of Iris & Daniel. A colour changing cycle creating an hypnotic fever dream with a set specifically designed to react to the light.
  • Conception & design of Curiositas Arte Factum as part of the NotFair Art Fair exhibition, titled « Primal Mutation ». (1000 Pound Bend, Melbourne CBD. 2012)

The piece reflects Daniel’s fascination of mythology and ancient prophecies. He embraces media archaeology – pondering, forgotten, obsolete or otherwise dead media and incorporates elements of storytelling, forgery, prophecy, mysticism and alchemy. This collection of ‘artifacts’ challenges the viewer to consider their cultural ‘significance.’

Journey Part II –  The Game & Craft room(s)

  • Traveling from Complexity to Bounty using Creativity & Community
  • A space with no guidance where you need to work out the rules.
  • Playful space: task based hands-on activities.
  • Collective space: Find partners amongst your group.

Designer: Eloise Kent

Ellie’s Past Work.

  • Set & Costume design for Crave by Sarah Kane directed by Cathy Hunt (VCA 2104). A playful & interactive arrangement of elastics as set.

Journey Part III – MOO – End of Ritual

  • Collective & playful (symbolic) sacrifice of MOO, a giant cow-shaped piñata.
  • Leading to the Reconciliation space: a multi-cultural barbecue.
  • Celebration of Complexity. 

Designer: Chantal Marks

Chonty’s Past Work

  • Set & Costume design for 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane directed by Justin Nott (VCA 2014). A visual & spatial evocation of  « a mind in collapse ».

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