The Prodigal Son


The Prodigal Son. Photo David Burrows
The Prodigal Son. Photo David Burrows

After a long leave of absence the Prodigal Son returns home. His parents can’t wait for him to leave again. This cruel and comedic parody of the biblical parable journeys through one set of primal human relationships plagued by the shadows lurking in the collective consciousness.

Written by Jack Hibberd. Directed by Iris Gaillard. With Alexander Rigney, Ashton Sly, Hamish Irvine, Jim Coulson and Rebekah Robertson. Set & Costume Design by Daniel Moulds. Sound Design by Jess Keeffe. Dramaturgy by Georgia Symons. Lighting Design by Jie Leslie Ding. Stage Manager: Jen Knight. Assistant Stage Manager: Nathan Storen.

The Prodigal Son was presented as part of the One-Act Season, Director’s graduation shows, at the Victorian College of the Arts. (2014)

Director’s note

In The Prodigal Son, Jack Hibberd offers an absurdist play, structured with the rhythms of a drawing-room comedy, and populated by a monstrous archetypal trio. It’s a gift for a director in the number of possible genres to explore. The repression mechanisms at play in this small family cell are grossly exposed. In their interactions, we see the monstrous figure of savagery tearing through the thin veil of civility. I wanted to explore these qualities through a heightened physicality inspired by the ‘Grotesque’, and offer the audience a sensorial experience of the text through visual, auditive & olfactive stimulation.

Video extract of the play: 


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