HARD BOILED BUSH NOIR at St Martins Youth Arts Centre


It’s not just the animals you need to fear in the bush. Three tales of ice crime in the out back.

Directed by: Iris Gaillard

Written by: Shane Grant

Featuring: Miles Paras and Adam Mattaliano

Set & Costume Design: Lara Week

Lighting Design: Niklas Pajanti

Sound Design: Joshua Trappett

Photo credit: Justyn Koh

“The Rooster that thought it was a Roo » after “The Baby in the ice box” by James M. Cain

Crusty’s been out here too long. It’s a long way from the sturt highyway and the only people who come here are lost or desperate. Knuckles and the Queen Adelaide are both.

“The Camel story.”

A pair of cops are off to investigate the mystery of the pelicans at Kati Thanda. First they have to drive across the bottom of the ocean.

“The Crocodile story”

At the bar with a femme fatale who’s only direction now is west.

“A most engaging and worthwhile evening of theatre” –Stage Whispers

St Martins theatre
44 St Martins lane
South Yarra, Victoria 3141
22 August to 2 September 2018
7.30pm, 75 min

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Hard boiled bush noir poster.


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