It’s 1994, and a woman wielding a weapon is shot and killed by Victoria police.  How did it come to this? A young woman, struggling with the pain of her own life’s journey, hears the news report and mourns for the lost woman she never knew. She writes a song, and ponders. Is what we term mental illness a product of the stories we carry and how they shape and shift us; what we bury deep and what we allow to surface?. Stories define who we are, those we’ve lived; those that are told to us, those we tell ourselves. What’s your story, and are you sticking to it?

Written by Ruth Katerelos

Director Iris Gaillard

Photo by David Burrows

in Explorations 2017 @La Mama, Faraday St, Carlton.

October 27, 28 & 29, 2017. Friday 6.30pm, Saturday 8.30pm & Sunday 6.30pm


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